the future is now

"Bemidji Steel Company has always been about supporting the mission of the customer, I believe that our perpetual investment in the technology of the future will allow us to make the impossible a reality for our customers.  I look forward to defining the next chapter in our evolution with these solutions."

Alex Grasdalen | Chief Operations Officer

The future is now

the worlds finest laser

Precision parts at hyperspeed.  Learn how our modern fiber laser can help you.

quality is everything

We will never settle for "good enough"



We believe that knowledge is power, the investment in all team members from training to team benefits. We are always improving as a great team makes an exceptional partner to you.


We believe that you deserve the best; we do not cut corners when it comes to the machines we use to produce your part. We also know you don't stand still, and neither do we. We are committed to upgrading our technology, so you have the best.

Solutions for you

How can we help you simplify?

Laser Cutting

The worlds finest fiber laser


Precisely perfect

Plasma cutting

high stregth cutting


simplest task modernized


creative solutions


on time - on schedule

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We are ready to help!  Let us know how we can do that.

Confidentiality is important

You work hard and invest time money, and countless hours in your products, it is vital that your suppliers respect that.

We know that there are risks when allowing others to see in; we get it. We respect the customer; it is one of our core values. We believe that a relationship is worth more than money. After all, there are some in this industry that will do whatever it takes to take away from another. This same greed does not drive us. We are to help you not undermine you, and want to ensure this stays this way.

        • Customer-Vendor Non-Disclosure Agreements - we do not share your information with anyone, period. Available upon request, to ensure the most confidence in us.
        • Core Values - we live by our core values; we do not accept noncompliance to these principals.
        • Employee Non-Disclosure Documents - We love our employees and our customers, we want it to stay that way, we don't talk about whom we work for to anyone to honor and respect the customer.

Have questions about confidentiality?  Contact Alex Grasdalen - COO here → 218-751-2000 ext. 5171


work with the best

Phil Underdahl


Phil sees how, how to make, what solution fits best, and how long does this take.  Knowledge and experience to solve the most difficult problems is what drives Phil.   Do you need a solution? Let him know about it. Drop him a line.→  218-751-2000 ext. 5173

Alex Grasdalen


Alex can make sense of the numbers.  He will help you engineer a solution to fit your needs, budget and time requirements. Alex is driven to find the best soultion for the customer to allow them to grow. Get in contact with him here. →  218-751-2000 ext. 5171