what we do

What do we do? We do the right thing.

Bemidji Steel Company is a full-service metal service center located in Bemidji, Minnesota. From steel sales to laser cutting and delivery. We are here for you.

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The future is now

the worlds finest laser

Precision parts at hyperspeed.  Learn how our modern fiber laser can help you.


metal is in our dna

With a global sourcing reach, we support customers with high-quality prime material every time.  In addition to stringent quality control and acceptance measures, ensure you get nothing but the best.

Material Availability - common sizes stocked and ready for you. 

Full Service - From ordering to delivery, we take care of the details

Processing - for when you need more than just metal, we do it all.

We support everyone from small business to large corporations with complex needs.  We are here to provide a solution to your metal needs.

seamless solutions for you

Processing powerhouse

Vertically integrated to provide you nothing but the finest parts.


Precise Perfection

Fiber laser

The avant-garde laser


Effective Power

how can we simplify for you?

value-added services

Bringing simplicity and peace of mind

Fabricaton Services

metal fabrication

Simplifying complex projects


Automated Sawing


Creating efficencies



Shipping made simple


community promise

making the world a better place

We are driven to do our part to make an impact on the world and the area we call home. It is just the right thing to do.

We know that we can make an impact to change lives, learn how we are doing our part, and how doing business with us makes an impact.


our commitment


quality is not optional

You need peace of mind, that is why we hold ourselves to a higher standard. Unlike most other companies, we believe that we provide more value than just price alone. Being able to deliver on time and deliver a superior product every time is what sets us apart.

From technology investment to quality control and training, we believe that we can always improve to be a better partner for your business.

Technology  We are not standing still; we have invested in the latest cutting and forming technology.  Unlike most shops that run things until they die, we believe in staying current or ahead of technology with planned upgrades and replacements of equipment.

Training We invest in our employees so they can be absolute experts in this field.

we are different

who we are

Jane Grasdalen

Woman owned

jane our fearless leader

Jane believes that business should be different; it is not the ways of old.  Caring for the customer and treating everyone with respect, employees, and customers are family with a respect to the greater community

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northern spirit

we persist no matter the weather

We are a different group of people; we care for one another and don't stop until the job is done right.  We are determined to serve you no matter what the challenge.


invested in the future

make the future happen

We believe in paying it forward to the next generation, in partnership with Bemidji High School and the Minnesota Innovation Initiative,  we provide work experiences and jobs for the next generation of leaders.

our story 

It's intersting....


Relationships are priceless

Here at Bemidji Steel Company, we believe that the relationship between the client and us is more valuable than any dollar amount.  We give all clients, vendors, and the community respect they deserve.

We are driven by our core values to ensure we do the right thing every day.

Do the right thing  - Everytime

Integrity - Being honest and trustworthy with ourselves and clients

Positive attitude - Positivity contagious 

Lead by example -  Set the standard others are watching

Our relationships with others are how we are defined; it is our reputation that must be earned, not bought, or forced.

We are committed to improving every day, with every interaction, and look forward to meeting and working with you.

community matters

IMG_5456 2

We are proud of home 

We believe in paying it forward for the communities that we do business, and we are proud to support events and organizations that make these communities unique. If you have a cause that you would like our potential support, let us know by completing a donation request.