what we do

What do we do? Create Relationships, Do the right thing, and make the world a better place.

Bemidji Steel Company is a full service metal service center located in the great northwoods of Minnesota.

We are a team of people that is here to serve the needs of our unique clients that are located all over this amazing region that we call home.

Get to know us, we want you to be part of our family!

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Metal sales 

Bemidji Steel Company is in the business of metal. We may not be metallurgists but there is little we have not seen. We support businesses from small to large and the weekend warrior with high quality prime material. 

We don't just sell metal

We realize that manufacturing is not simple, your operation faces challenges from workforce shortages, time constraints and global competition.  We offer a comprehensive range of value added services ease those challenges all while saving you time and money.  Check out how we can help.

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what are you looking for?

We are committed to quality, since we opened in 1983 the focus has been to support the mission of the customer.

Bemidji Steel Company

ISO 9001:2015  

Accountability, quality, and reliablity are key. You need a vendor that provides exceptional quailty everytime and delivers on time.  That is why we are in the process of becoming ISO certified to prove our high quality to our customers. (Complete mid summer 2020)

One Call

Who has the extra time in the day to call and coordinate material, the processor to complete the work  and  lastly the trucking company to get it to your facility? From material sourcing to processing and delivery we take the hassle out of procument.  We source the material, process it and deliver it.  Saving you time.


Your products keep advancing so why go to a vendor who has old technology?  We have invested in our future with the latest in sheet metal processing services, we didn't just keep up we jumped into the future.

Our Services

What you need in one place.


Laser Cutting

Bending Services


Plasma Cutting

Plasma Cutting

Fabricaton Services

Metal Fabrication

Automated Sawing




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Relationships are more than price

Here are Bemidji Steel Company, we belive that the realaitonship between the client and us is more valuable than any dollar amount.  We give all clients, vendors and the comunity respect they deserve.

We are driven by our core values to ensure we do the right thing, everyday.

Do the right thing  - Everytime

Integrety - Being honest and trustworthy with ourselves and clients

Positive attitude - Positivity is the most contagious thing in the word

Lead by example -  Set the standard others are watching

Our relationships with others are how we are defined, it is our repuation which has no dollar value.  Your reputation is the same, we understand and why we are commited to serving you.

Community is important

inspiring tomorrows leaders

We are passionate about education, we believe that knowledge is power.  Bemidji Steel Company has partnered with Bemidji High School Career Academies to place student who are interested in the manufacturing. In addition, we have partnered with the Mi2.  We are proud to be recognized in 2019 by the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry as a Dual Training Employer for the work we do.


We love to show off what we have here in this unique comunity, from supporting the local robotics teams to big events like Hockey Day Minnesota we are proud to show what makes this area awesome.

If you have an event that you think we would be interested in supporting let us know!