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No metal need that is to large or small that we can not tackle,  with our global sourcing ability we can get what you need now.

what you need

We stock an extensive inventory spanning the entire metals spectrum, from Mild- Steel to Aluminum and Stainless. If we do not have what you need, our vast network of sources will get what you need, quickly and efficiently.

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who we serve


Whether it is to support maintenance and repair operations or support your manufacturing sites, commercial sales will have the solutions for you.  Benefits include delivery to your door and access to our state of the art processing services.  Our experts can provide tailor-made solutions to solve your manufacturing needs.



Retail is for everyone, from the homeowner to small businesses that makes Minnesota so unique!  Retail gives you to have access to our full inventory of steel on-demand in addition to having access to a wide selection of fabrication services. Truly an exceptional option compared to the standard metal service center.



We are aware that government entities have special requirements; we have dedicated a page to serve you.

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the experts

Dale Grasdalen

Commercial sales

Dale is the expert you need at your side, simplifying the complex he brings over three decades of manufacturing and business operations experience to help solve your metal needs.

Contact him directly, 218-751-2000 EXT. 5172


Joe Dalton

Retail sales

Joe brings his experience in MRO in the manufacturing sector to retail sales, He knows how to solve your your problems with solutions ASAP!

Contact him directly. 218-751-2000 EXT. 5174


First of we do not like the word "sell" we do not believe that the name gives value to the relationship with the customer, as relationships are worth more than any dollar. We believe that we stand next to you and are here to support your goals, not hinder them.

With this thinking, we do not play pricing games with any of our customers. The price you get upfront is our best price period.

We update our pricing daily with markets to ensure you are always getting the best price.

we are more than metal

We are not just in the business of selling metal products.  Our portfolio of value added and manufacturing services in conjuction with our strategic partners we can produce and deliver ready to install parts.  You save time, money and hassle.

we really want to meet you!

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