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Efficient | Quality | Speed | Responsible

  • Efficient -   our advanced software reduces waste, increasing raw material utilization by allowing multiple parts to be cut out of less material.
  • Quality - compared to other cutting methods such as plasma, our laser can provide tight quality tolerances along with innovative laser beam shaping we can create parts few can match.
  • Speed -while other production methods require more set up time or take more time due to older technology, laser reduces turn around time for you.
  • Clean - laser cutting consumes less power than other cutting methods.  Helping you reach your sustainability goals.


intelligence is key

the power of a.i. 

Kick inefficiencies down the road, material processing has never been this smart. Our software utilizes dynamic part nesting using the power of artificial intelligence to optimize resources and ensure a quality part the first time.

What does this mean for you? Run lean with flexible "just in time" part production, higher quality parts, at a tremendous value.

Nesting Software
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Swiss precison 

Perfection, quality, and leading-edge technology are what make the Swiss the Swiss.  Our technology partner Bystronic based in Niederönz is world-renowned for producing the most innovative and cutting-edge sheet metal cutting and forming technology in the world.

Materials that can cut.

Capability is key 

As unique as your product is, you need exceptional capabilities — processing capacity for material thicknesses exceeding one inch as well as thinner materials.  From more exotic options such as brass, copper, or armor plate to mild steel, we can accommodate.  Our large format laser can process the most substantial parts down to small precise pieces.  Let us engineer a unique solution so you can push the limits to stay ahead.

Laser Cutting Capacites

Sheet thickness can vary; this is not the limit of what we can do; let us know if you have unique needs.  We love a challenge!

quality | progress | rock-solid 

Quality Commitment 

We commit ourselves to the highest standards of quality. We do this, so you have peace of mind and receive nothing but the finest parts.

Continuous Improvement

The grass does not grow under our feet. we are on a never-ending quest for self-improvement.  We believe that education and always looking to do things better doesn't only make us stronger, but it provides you a better product.

Grounded Experience

You need a reliable and stable partner, with over 37 years and counting of exceeding expectations, our customers know we are not going anywhere.  FInancially sound with an exceptional team, we are here to stay.

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Broad experience pays dividends; we are proud to support some of the most dynamic industries; our expertise is here to help you

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