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High capacity precision

Forming is an art, a symbiosis of human and technological interaction.  A precision machine is nothing without the skilled hands of which to operate it. Not all companies take the needed time to train and continuously improve their craft, resulting in a lower quality end product. We don't and will never settle for "good enough".  Our skilled team takes bending to the next level.

Our press brakes are state of the art, our operators are best in the business results in the finest parts.

Combined with our Laser and Plasma cutting, forming is where high performance precision meets intelligence and speed.  We produce the most exotic to basic formed parts.  From the material that is sourced from mills for optimal forming properties to ensure you only get the best.

More than you think

Formed Parts Kit

Flexable Capacity

Our small and large format CNC press brakes give the ultimate in flexable bending options.  We are able to process parts up to 12' (3.65m) feet wide, and up to .5" (13mm) thick. Our large tooling options can form the bends you need with great accuracy.  Combined with high speed brakes, large part orders are done preciscly and fast.


Simple things

Simple is sometimes the most difficult in practice, but we you have to involve many parties that is when things are no longer simple.  In our ever increasing and demanding world we need simplicity, we create simple solutions for our customers.  End to end material sourcing to part delivery we take that stress off your shoulders, all it takes is one call. Simple isn't it?

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