Metal Cutting, Shearing, Welding and Plasma Cutting.

Metal Cutting

Bemidji Steel Company’s sawing services keep your business assembling and creating, not sawing material. We simplify the process for your team, deliver cut material that is ready to go into your assembly process, reducing your labor costs and increasing your efficiency.

Our precision saws cut as much or as little as needed! We can cut all metals up to 18” wide and 12” tall material and there is no length restrictions. Our Hydmech Automated is perfect for large orders with repeated cutting with tight tolerances, it can create high quality cuts in a quick and cost effective way.


Our precision CNC Accurshear is able to create precision blanks out of material in thickness of up .25” thick sheets and up to ten feet wide.

Accursheer:  .25 x 10 foot sheets

Hydmech: 18 wide 12 tall max cap unlimited length


Need a prototype? Need series production? Our skilled welders can help. We offer high quality, TIG, MIG and Stick welding services to complement our other services. Our professionally trained welders know how to create a clean, high quality product. 

Disclaimer: Welding services are only completed on new undelivered material purchased at Bemidji Steel Company. We provide this service to compliment our other in-house services.

Plasma Cutting

Precision High Definition Plasma cutting machine is ready to tackle your part production or prototype part.  Our CNC plasma is able to cut carbon steel up to 2” thick and sheets up to 6 feet wide and 12 feet long.  Your ideas are the only limit when it comes to creating with this service. Our processes are cost effective and efficient – let us know how we can help you.

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