what is

Bemidji steel company?

We are unique we have been empowering people and companies since 1983. 

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July 27th, 1983 - Built to serve


Bemidji Steel Company began in 1983 to serve a need. Local companies and people were unable to have access to metal supplies.  We have grown tremendously since and inspired people and grown many businesses along the way.

Renewed 2020


Renewed and reinvested.  We have changing who we are and providing more to our customers.  From precision laser cutting to forming, it is now a reality and will reshape the future for our customers and company.

A lot!

what we do


We are creating solutions for manufactures.

Providing value-added processing services to save companies time and money, but give the most valuable benefit, simplified operations.

Here are some of the ways that we can help you.

  • Fiber Laser Cutting
  • Forming
  • Plasma Cutting
  • Sawing
  • Part Kits




commercial Metal

Simple, Reliable, Cost-Effective.

From sizeable complex metal sales to smaller orders to keep your operation moving, we handle it all with simple, transparent pricing and terms.

We can source anything and stock what you need.

  • Alloy Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Deck Plate
  • Expanded Metal

retail Sales

For when you need it now.

Retail is how BSC began back almost 40 years ago, and it is still part of the business today.  From supporting small companies and the homeowner, this is a unique service that we provide.

Our full inventory is available when you need it on-demand when calling ahead, and cut items can be ready for pickup in as little as a few moments.    That is how we support you.



who we are

Renewed and reinvested.  We have changing who we are and providing more to our customers.  From precision laser cutting to forming, it is now a reality and will reshape the future for our customers and company.

Jane Grasdalen

Jane Grasdalen

President | Cfo
Alex Grasdalen

Alex GRasdalen

Chief Operations Officer
Dale Grasdalen

Dale Grasdalen

SVP | Director of Sales

woman owned family managed

Family is everything; BSC is truly a family endeavor.  Jane is the majority owner of the company, and her hands are far-reaching into the business.  Alex manages the departments ensuring we have efficient operations and happy people, and Dale manages vendor relations and sales ops.


"Treat others how you want to be treated"


We give everyone respect, from the mailman to our vendors, to our customers to each other, we ensure respect is delivered every time.

exceptional experince

How we treat our employees, customers, and vendors directly reflects if they want to come back and work with us.  We believe everyone is to be treated with care and provided with exceptional service.


Honesty is the best; you have nothing to hide.  That is how we roll; we are transparent and want to help, not deceive.

for the greater good

GIving opportunity

Investing in the future

Not everyone is into the traditional high school experience; some of us would instead learn how to operate a Laser, weld or how a business works; that is why we are committed to helping our next generation of leaders succeed.

Knowledge is power

We believe that the more we know and continual improvement is key to success.  We have provided at no cost to our employees advanced technical training through the Minnesota Innovation Initiative run by The Idea Circle.  Learn more about this partnership by following the link below.


"The BSC lifestyle"

why does life have to be boring?

we are having fun!

We are passionate about what we do, and we take care of one another.   We like to say that we have a great one around here, from work to outside of work, we are not just co-workers or team members, we are a tight-knit family. So if you see us at a Hockey Game, out fishing, or just hanging out, join us!

work smart | play hard

life comes before work

Many companies say they have a work-life balance, but in practice, they do not.  We do not operate that way, we believe you only live once, and your life should be fulfilling, which means having a balanced life at work and away.

Being located in lake country where there are endless opportunities for fun year-round, we do not have to sit in traffic or commute for hours per day.  We respect that our people should work their jobs and enjoy being away.


let's get to work, give us a shout!

Click the red box to email us, or our beautiful voices are at 218-751-2000